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    Isoko Association of New York
    Last Saturday of this month, as we nulture, celebrity our rich shared cultural heritage together.
    Come with your children, friends and invitees to exprience the Isoko welcoming touch.
  • Be Counted As we build the
    Isoko House - New York
    Don't be left out on this building project
    when the success stories will be retold, will your name be mentioned?
  • IANA Convention
    Gala Night Celebrition.
    Isoko Association of North America, meets bi-annualy for the Isoko North America Convention.
    Hosting is rotated among each chapter in Mexico, Canada and United States.
    All Isoko Sons & Daughters, home and abroad are eligible to attend.

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To celebrity our shared cultural heritage & tradition.

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We need your HELP, to continue,
the rebuilding of the Isoko Nation.

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We at ISOKO NEW YORK are building the Isoko Nation of tomorrow.

We have embark on a numeber projects to better our community back in Isokoland and also have services within the United States that are of benefit to our members.

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Our Sponsored Causes & Services

The Isoko Association of New York Sponsore a number of
benficial Causes to the Isoko Nation.

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We need funds to finance our numerous Isoko Nation projects and causes...

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Constituent States of IANY

Priority Project

The Isoko House - New York Project, is a high visibility project and a priority of ours.
We need your inputs and participation, send in your suggestions.


Current IANY Executives

IANY Monthly Meeting Highlights

IANY Video Highlights

2017 End Of Year Party

Highlights of Isoko Association of New York End of Year pary hosted in New York City.

Convention - Gala Night

Isoko Association of North America 2016 Convention, Toronto Canada

Convention Gala Night

Convention Gala Night celebration with Isoko Association of North America.

Isoko Communities & Towns Highlight

The Isoko community is a diverse community that comprises of clans, towns and villages
there are seventeen major clans in Isoko divided into two local government areas;
Isoko North with Headquater in Ozoro and Isoko South with Headquater in Oleh.