The Isoko Association of New York was founded in 1994 by eleven members, soon after these members - all men - separated from the Urhobo-Isoko Association of New York which had been formed in 1972.  The names of these founding members are in the annex to the Constitution of the Isoko Association of New York which  was first adopted in 1994, revised in 1997 and updated in 2007.

The Isoko Association of New York is a mutual support group.  Its objectives are to promote unity among the peoples of Isoko origin, to provide support to memers of the  association, and to support measures to accelerate the social, educational and economic well being of the Isoko people as well as preserve their rich cultural heritage.  The Isoko people hail from Delta State in Nigeria.

The membership of the Association has grown from the initial eleven members to forty eight members at present.  The Association comprises of members with diverse professional and occupational backgrounds, working in the medical, teaching, legal, investment banking, international public and national government services as well as entrepreneurs that have established their own businesses.

The Isoko Association of New York is an integral part of the Isoko Association of North America which brings together all the various Isoko Association chapters in the United States of America and Canada. Every year, IANY holds an end-of-year social and cultural event to which the members, their immediate family and friends are invited.  In addition, it organizes events to mark important transitions in the lives of its members such as return to Nigeria, after retirement or ceremonies to commiserate with a bereaved member.